CS240 Database Management

Lab Files used for In-class Exercises and Homework.

Almost of these MS-PowerPoint notes are slight modifications of the original materials from Prof. Jerry Post, author of the course textbooks. Dr Post maintains full copyright over these slides and graciously provides them for users of his textbooks.

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Chapters with * have been updated to include Prof. Kabay's homework assignments to date.

How to access the virtal database systems from NUACC (PDF) *

Chapter 1: Introduction. All Powder Board and Ski Shop *

MK Extra: Working with MS-Access *

Chapter 2: Database Design

Chapter 3: Data Normalization

Chapter 4: Data Queries

Chapter 5: Advanced Queries and Subqueries

Chapter 6: Forms, Reports, and Applications

Chapter 7: Database Integrity and Transactions

Chapter 8: Data Warehouses and Data Mining

Chapter 9: Database Administration

Chapter 10: Distributed Databases and the Internet


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