# Title
2009 Peer to Peer (6:00)
2011 Revenge Porn's Latest Frontier (5:00)
2012 Texting that saves lives (5:24)
2013 Cyber Bully (1:26:55)
2013 To This Day … for the bullied and beautiful (12:03)
2014 Can Video Games Survive? The Disheartening GamerGate Campaign
2014 Cyber Bullying (8:02)
2014 Yik Yak under attack in Chilliwack
2015 Accepting Minorities in Gaming (4:51)
2015 Ashley Madison hack victims receive blackmail letters - BBC News
2015 Cyberbully (1:02:01)
2015 Fighting Online Bullying, One Emoji At A Time
2015 GFTO: The Movie
2015 How video games can empower real world success (9:12)
2015 How we made Video Games in Africa (8:19)
2015 In the Documentary ‘GTFO,’ Female Video Gamers Fight Back
2015 It's All About How You Play the Game (8:04)
2015 John Oliver - Ashley Madison and Ottawa (4:56)
2015 John Oliver - Online Harassment (16:49)
2015 Revenge porn website boss Hunter Moore jailed in US
2015 Self-Directed Learning Through Video Games (6:16)
2015 Special Olympics let me be myself – a champion (14:12)
2015 The price of shame
2015 This suburban Illinois family has been terrorized by hackers for the last three years
2015 When online shaming spirals out of control
2016 Antisemitism watchdog adds (((echo))) symbol to hate list after Jews targeted
2016 Australian pleads guilty to making online threats over Tinder profile - BBC News
2016 Change the Way You See Bullying (7:31)
2016 Don't feed the trolls: a survival guide for teen girl writers
2016 Feminist Frequency: Conversations with Pop Culture
2016 Fighting online harassment with good design (14:21)
2016 From Julia Gillard to Hillary Clinton: online abuse of politicians around the world
2016 How Social Media Smeared A Missing Student As A Terrorism Suspect
2016 Most 18-year-olds say young people at risk online, Unicef poll finds
2016 Online abuse: how different countries deal with it
2016 Revenge porn: the industry profiting from online abuse
2016 Social nightmare [Sextortion]
2016 The terror of swatting: how the law is tracking down high-tech prank callers
2016 The terror of swatting: how the law is tracking down high-tech prank callers
2016 The woman who shows how toxic America’s culture wars have become - BBC News
2016 The women abandoned to their online abusers
2016 Why I keep speaking up, even when people mock my accent (10:48)
2016 You want to know what they're writing, even if it hurts': my online abuse