# Title
1999 A Digital Cinema of the Mind? Could Be
2008 S1M0NE trailer
2009 Avatar Official Trailer (3:31)
2010 Avatar Featurette: Performance Capture (8:39)
2010 James Cameron on the Future of Cinema
2012 9 Mind-Blowing Technologies Changing The Film Industry’s Future
2013 Adventures in Twitter fiction
2013 Game of Thrones: Inside the Visual Effects (20:53)
2013 Star Wars Episode III - Special Effects (26:25)
2013 The future of cinema is in your mind: From iris-controlled film to a new Disney experiment, sound transmission via human touch.
2013 The Future of Cinema: Why I Made a Documentary about the Differences -- and Affinities -- Between Digital and Celluloid
2013 The Future of Storytelling: Tom Perlmutter on the Evolution of Cinema
2013 The Movie Theater of the Future Will be in Your Mind
2014 10 Filmmaking Heavyweights Predict the Future of Cinema
2014 According to neuroscientists, the future of cinema will eliminate the use of cuts
2014 Martin Scorsese Writes Open Letter Discussing the Future of Cinema
2015 AVATAR (2009) "Creating The World Of Pandora" (14:12)
2015 From Netflix to full immersion: how the future of cinema lies in our handhelds
2015 Game of Thrones - Making Of Season 1-5 VFX (32:35)
2015 Looking Into the Future of Cinema with Director John Boorman
2016 9MOTHER9HORSE9EYES9: the mysterious tale terrifying Reddit
2016 A Brief History of Movie Special Effects
2016 Appy medium: could Instagram start an artistic revolution?
2016 Don't Be Fooled! Your Guide to Fake News Sites
2016 Lonelygirl15: how one mysterious vlogger changed the internet
2016 Snopes.com
2016 Virtual Reality: the immersive film-making wowing Sundance 
2016 Where Are the Black Women in Speculative Film and Television? (14:15)
2016 With Hollywood's Advanced Digital Face-Lifting, Do We Even Need Actors?
2016 YouTube 'star' Lonelygirl15 back after seven years - BBC News