# Title
2001 The Napster Cantata
2004 The Crime of Copyright Infringement: Morality, Harm & Criminal Theory (70 pp)
2005 Totem and Taboo in Cyberspace:Integrating Technology into our Moral Universe
2007 Laws that choke creativity (18:56)
2010 How YouTube thinks about copyright (5:45)
2010 Lessons from fashion's free culture (15:36)
2010 Questions about Ethical Computer & Network Usage for Parents to Discuss With Their Children
2010 Re-examining the remix (18:45)
2010 Seven Reasons Not to Steal Software, Music, Games, or Videos
2011 Cybersquatting: What It Is and What Can Be Done About It
2011 Who is hurt by copyright infringement?
2012 Why SOPA is a bad idea (13:59)
2012 How I beat a patent troll (6:40)
2012 How Much Do Music and Movie Piracy Really Hurt the U.S. Economy?
2012 I am a pirate (15:11)
2012 The $8 billion iPod (5:11)
2013 Risks Associated With Publication (Digital Media Law Project)
2015 John Oliver: Patents (11:03)
2015 Leaked (final?) TPP Intellectual Property chapter spells doom for free speech online
2015 Patent trollís stock soars 20% after court victory over Samsung, Huawei
2016 Content ID and the Rise of the Machines
2016 Copyright Law of the United States of America (15 pp)
2016 Google wins copyright battle over books - BBC News
2016 Happy Birthday Alice: Two Years Busting Bad Software Patents
2016 How I Turned a BS YouTube Copyright Claim Back on the Real Infringer
2016 IBM sues Groupon over 1990s patents related to Prodigy
2016 NTV Kenya YouTube channel terminated over copyright infringement
2016 Ridiculous Copyright Infringement Claims are Smothering YouTube Content Creators
2016 Trent Reznor: YouTube is built on the back of stolen content
2016 TUNESAT: Protect your music. Collect your money.
2016 YouTube's complaint system is pissing off its biggest users