IA455A: Contemporary Topics in Information Assurance


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TOPICS -- Authors

Advanced Persistent Threats -- Mattrick, Little & Pessolano

Authentication -- Blum, Garcia & Sullivan

Backdoors & Secure Coding -- Acheson & DeSoto

Bots, Botnets & Spam -- Fox & Sheftel

Cloud Security -- Montgomery & Little

Cryptowars -- Harris & Salvas

Cyberlaw Review -- Danieli & Gibson

Data Loss Prevention -- Lockhart & Johnston

Exploits & Zero-Day Exploits -- Gariboldi, Jette & Jackson

Hackers & Hacks -- Romano & Sullivan

HIPAA -- Callahan & Johnston

Information Privacy -- Lighthall & Gibson

Information Warfare -- DeSoto & Jackson

Intrusion Detection & Incident Response -- Mattrick & Pessolano

IoT & SCADA -- Awasthi & Fox

Malware, Antimalware & RATs -- Gariboldi & Awasthi

Man-in-the-Middle Attacks -- Callahan & Harris

Penetration Testing -- Romano & Shepardson

Ransomware -- Jette & Lockhart

Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) -- Montgomery, Salvas & Shepardson

Vulnerabilities -- Acheson, Blum & Garcia

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