QM213BCDL Business & Economic Statistics I

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A course emphasizing the development and presentation of statistical data for business and economic decision making. Topics will include fundamentals of measurement and counting, practical guidelines for graphical representation, use of statistical functions and graphics in MS-EXCEL, measures of central tendency and of dispersion, sampling distributions, statistical inference procedures, confidence limits, one-way ANOVA, goodness of fit, tests of independence, parametric correlation, and simple linear regression. 3 credit-hours. Estimated workload 12 hours/week.

Course description -- detailed assignments, grading, standards, requirements, policies, rewards, penalties, and also the Secret of Life, the Universe and Everything.

Course description

Syllabus -- day-by-day listing of every required reading, quiz, exam, and deadline.


Statistics in Business, Finance, and Information Technology:
A Layered Introduction with Excel


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Statistics Text Chapters for Faster Download
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More resources at FREE STATISTICS HELP ON THE WEB (directory to 10 sites as of 2015) [Last checked for broken links in March 2015 -- no broken links found]


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